Sense permanent tints 100g

Sense permanent tints 100g

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100 shades. 100g tubes. Highest quality raw ingredients
blanket coverage, vibrant reds, coppers & violets

Sense is Kaaral’s original colour release.
Designed to be a user friendly colour line, Sense delivers true to swatch results, with amazing Coverage, intensity and shine.

Long lasting reds, and incredibly vibrant violets set Sense apart from the competition.

Unlike other “budget” colour lines, Sense is manufactured to the strictest quality control, with only the highest quality raw ingredients.

Kaaral Sense permanent hair color
is infused with coconut oil, aloe vera,
vitamin b5 and its pigments are
micronized. Micronized pigments
allow for richness and dimension. Hair
is shiny and silk.

Kaaral Sense permanent hair color
is available in over 100 shades and it’s
100g tube and 1:1 Ratio make it
super convenient.

Convert to semi/demi results
by using with DevPlus 6vol Activator

Simple to use. Extraordinary results